Diameter  : 22,00 mm.
Length with 350  : 50,00 mm
Length with 500  : 64,00 mm
Length with 650  : 80,00 mm
Material             : SS anti-magnetic
threads 20,00 x 1,00 mm
H00-E1140 top cap hybrid connection
T00-W1980 switch with brass button fused at 12 ampere max and ball bearing
can accept Kick with batteries 18350 & 18500 only!


Warrior of Light is the special version from Gus production
work with 18350-18500-18650 batteries on the market
the fuse on the switch is the safest module for mecha mods
the T00-W1980 switch has the best conductivity and guaranty of no misfire
this will be a good choice between the design and function for your vape

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