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A few words about ETZ RTA

ETZ is a special deck made for easy setup and rich liquid supply achieved by two posts, which are also responsible for holding the cotton in place. The draw is quite rich since cotton is slightly denser compared to the older versions of Phenomenon. The Tobacco chimney has the possibility for fast extraction without presence of hot steam, even with wires out of the suggested setups. Also delivers a dried version of any tobacco liquid, as it reduces its sweetness up to 30%. Clearly balanced mtl in terms of air, since there are two leveled holes of 0.90 mm beneath the coil. The capacity of 4 ml is good enough for an mtl RTA.

Refilling is very easy from a port on the top of the polycarbonate tank.Turning the steel air ring clockwise, gives the opportunity to micro-adjust the air intake, depending on your tastes. It should be mentioned that the included mouthpiece (Caminor) is one of the most sought after drip tips in the GUS-MOD series, for its balanced round draw and the increase of the taste to an amazing degree of satisfaction...



  • Deck with two air holes of 1 mm below the coil and AFC with three holes of 1.70 mm & two of 1.00 mm on each side
  • Refill from upper top sleeve
  • Diameter : 22,00 mm.
  • .Height : 44,00 mm.
  • Material : SS 304L.
  • Capacity : 4 ml.
  • Connector : 510.
  • Finish of ATO : matte.


TBCO matte
Upper Top sleeve
ETZ matte
Afc Ring
ETZ matte
Main tank
Pmma ETZ
Drip tip

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