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Aiolos was the keeper of the winds, having them imprisoned and only letting out the necessary according to the will of the Gods. Since the beginning of Gus, Aiolos RTA was the archetype and the blueprint of everything that followed, emphasizing the mouth-to-lung style of vaping, with the smoothest draw and flavor solely in mind. Ten years later, the first attempt to adapt the Gus mindset into an RBA for AiO devices, had to be named Aiolos, so as the familiar winds take us on a different journey, over Uncharted lands.

Aiolos Uncharted bridge by GUS

Aiolos Uncharted bridge on Billet Box
This project was made according to original BilletBox measurements and the original Boro tank.

The positive pole is not adjustable, and you need to be sure that your device shares same dimensions with the original BilletBox in order to ensure compatibility with it.

Airdisks provided are intended for a fine tuning of the draw, while the rba remains a real mtl device.


  • Outer diameter of base 13,20 mm .
  • Chimney Aiolos Uncharted.
  • Total Height 39,75 mm .
  • Base Aiolos Uncharted.
  • Material Stainless Steel 304L.
  • Finish : Matte.
  • Liquid capacity depending on various tanks.
  • Include 510 Brass adapter aux base.
  • Including two airdisks placed on bottom for draw fine tuning.

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