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Melampous Chorus

Melampous Chorus RTA GUS SATIN finish
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Melampous Chorus RTA GUS SATIN finish

Faithful to MTL roots (2*0.8 flat), rich and smooth draw. Mesh plates added in the wicking channels of the deck, where cotton lays absorbing only the... more info

Melampous Chorus set orings

a very usefull set of orings  include 2 pieces 15 * 1 mm viton brown for tank pmma in the top of refill 1 piece   12 * 1 mm viton... more info

Melampous Chorus SV chimney

With Chorus in mind, SV new limited chimney brings some tweaks to the juiceflow, allowing a richer wicking. As a result, the flavor is rounded and... more info